Business Focus

IT Solutions for Banking and Financial Sector

ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE) is a leading IT company in providing Core Banking Solutions, Channel Delivery Solutions such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Digital Wallet and Payment Switching Solutions, Card Management Solutions, ATM Solutions, Anti Money Laundering Solutions and Risk Management Solutions, Workflow & Business Process Management Solutions, Digital Blueprint and Learning Management Solutions, Lending Management Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions and Business Intelligence Solutions  to Banks in Myanmar. In addition to solutions, ACE is also providing various outsourcing services such as IT help desk, 24/7 operation and maintenance support and customized system development. With the capability to localize and implement world-class solutions with global partners and to provide total and complete end-to-end services, ACE is well recognized as leading IT solution provider for banking and financial sector.

DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT) is the major IT operation and maintenance services provider to Yangon Stock Exchange and leading securities companies. DAT is also providing IT operation and maintenance services to Central Bank of Myanmar. In addition, DAT is also providing Share Management Solutions and Over-the-counter Platforms to various public companies in Myanmar which are not yet listed in Yangon Stock Exchange. As the capital market in Myanmar grows, DAT will expand its IT solution and service offering to the capital market in Myanmar.

Thuriya-ACE Technology Ltd. (TAT) is the leading IT solutions provider in the Insurance sector. TAT is providing Core Insurance Solutions for both life and general insurance and Mobile Salesforce Solutions. As the insurance sector in Myanmar grows, TAT will expand its IT solution and service offering to the insurance sector in Myanma

Enterprise Solutions

As the businesses expand their operations to meet the growing demand, it is more and more important that they streamline their whole business operations using IT solutions. ACE is providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions and Business Collaboration (BC) solutions to various organizations in Myanmar. ACE is expanding solutions and service offerings in ERP, CRM, HRM and BC solutions through aggressive product development as well as working together with global partners. ACE has end to end solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as large enterprises for their digital transformation.

IT Solutions for Retail, Distribution and Logistics Sector

Growing economy, rising income and changing consumer behaviours are pushing businesses in retail, distribution and logistics sector to expand their business and improve their efficiency. ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE) is helping small, medium and large outlets and chains of department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, warehouse stores, speciality stores, convenient stores and F&B outlets to run their businesses efficiently by providing POS, Retail Management, Mall Management and Loyalty Management Solutions. For national wide distribution businesses, ACE is providing innovative Distribution Management and Sales Force Management solutions to run their distribution businesses effectively. ACE has Logistics Management and Vehicle Fleet Management solutions to improve efficiency of logistic and supply chain management of retail and distribution businesses. AcePlus Solutions Ltd. (Aceplus) is also helping retail, distribution and logistics businesses to conduct digital transformation and be able to run the business 24/7 through e-commerce platforms and mobile solutions.

e-Government Solutions

Myanmar is trying to achieve inclusive social economic development and poverty reduction in a short time span. To achieve that, significant improvement is necessary not only in basic elements such as human rights, good governance, clean governance, transparency, fair competition and inclusiveness but also in social and physical infrastructures. Digital Transformation also has to be vital initiative for government transformation. ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE) has developed Government Accounting Solutions and Government Human Resource Management Solutions to help Government Agencies improve governance of finance and human resource. In addition, ACE is also working together with several state-owned enterprises to improve efficiency and effectiveness through digital transformation. DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT) has played a vital role in Central Bank modernization and establishment of Stock Exchange and Capital Market.

ACE Group, by collaboration with various global partners, is working on digital transformation in public finance, transportation, disaster management, agriculture, health care, e-education and other e-government services through private-public partnership.

Myanmar has a significant young, educated and competitive workforce with 25% of population under between aged 15-19 and has excellent opportunity to emerge as a global outsourcing destination with the improvement enabling environment and infrastructure. ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE) has been a pioneer in Myanmar IT Industry in providing various outsourcing services since 1997. nowadays, ACE Group companies such as ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE), Aceplus Solutions Ltd. (Aceplus), DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT), Thuriya ACE Technology Ltd. (TAT), XAN IT Solutions Ltd. (XAN), T3K Technology Ltd. (T3K) and Wild River Ltd. (Wild River) are all providing various outsourcing services to global organizations as well as local organizations. Human Resource Outsourcing Services ACE Group has large pool of various IT professionals in various group companies and can dispatch those resources for short-term or long-term requirements both locally and across various geographies.

Software Development Center Services

ACE Group companies are providing software development center services for large global enterprise and being part of their global delivery network or internal system development. With systematic training and enablement programs, large pool of human resources is being developed and put into operation over mid-term to long-term plans. By working closely with partners, ACE is helping them to reduce cost of their global delivery network or internal system development.

Customized System Development Services

With over 28 years’ experience in software development, ACE Group has mature software development, business process engineering and project management processes. By leveraging on this, ACE group companies are supporting various local and global companies with customized system development across various technology platforms.

Web and Mobile Application Development Services

Rapid Internet and Mobile penetration in past few years has brought Myanmar into Internet and mobile age suddenly. It is very important for businesses to evolve into Internet and Mobile age businesses. Aceplus Solutions Ltd. (Aceplus) is helping businesses to embrace Internet and Mobile age through building web, mobile and social media presence.

IT Help Desk, System Operation and Maintenance Services

For any organization using IT Technologies and Information System extensively, system operation supports and maintenance is a critical continuous activity. ACE group companies have vast experience in providing IT Help Desk Services, Network Operation Center Services and System Maintenance Services for mission critical systems in very large organizations. ACE group companies provide those services 24/7 under tight service level requirements either on premises or remote to ensure the highest possible availability of systems and smooth operation.

Data Center Construction and Operation

ACE group companies such as DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT), Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Ltd. (MAE), T3K Technology (T3K) and Sustainable Development Group (SDG) are working together with various global partners to provide Data Center Construction and Operation services to various customers in Myanmar. ACE group companies can provide services related to design, construction of data center building, cooling systems, power systems, network, security and fire-prevention system based on customer requirements at reasonable cost and highest quality assurance.

Sustainable Development Group (SDG) is utilizing cost-effective strategies, IoT and smart technologies, renewable energy and sustainable technologies to make not only Data Centers but also various buildings achieve cleaner, greener, safer, healthier and more energy-efficient.

Internet Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

GMO ACE (GMO-ACE) is providing domain, hosting and SSL services under brand name locally at very reasonable price. has the largest market share of SSL services in Myanmar and the provision of domain and various hosting services are also expanding very rapidly.

Based on those Internet Infrastructure services, ACE group companies are providing cloud computing services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS to various organization in Myanmar to support their could computing initiatives.

Server Integration Services

ACE group companies such as DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT), Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Ltd. (MAE), T3K Technology (T3K) are providing various Server Integration Services on Microsoft Windows Server, Linux Server and Sun Solaris platforms. ACE group companies are helping organizations in Myanmar to virtualize their server firms, implement active directory, email servers, database servers and various application servers. ACE group companies are providing on-premises or cloud based backup and disaster solutions for various mission critical systems as well.

Network Integration Services

ACE group companies such as DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT), Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Ltd. (MAE), T3K Technology (T3K) are also providing various network Integration Services. ACE group companies are helping organizations in Myanmar to build up nation-wide branch networks using various networking technologies as well as devices.

Cyber Security Services

For any organization with various information systems in their core operation, information security and data privacy is very important. Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Ltd. (MAE) and associated global partners are providing various Cyber Security services to organizations in Myanmar. MAE is providing Cyber Security services not only basic Cyber Security services such as vulnerability assessment, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, network security, end-point security but also consulting and advanced services such as strategic cyber security planning, cyber security training and coaching, cyber security doctrine and procedures, cyber intelligence, building and operating CSOC and building CERT.

ICT Professional Training

ACE Inspiration Ltd. (AI) is providing ICT Professionals Training Courses from beginner courses to advanced courses and producing software engineers and network engineers who are ready to go into industry once they successfully finish the courses. AI is providing not only programming courses but also various leadership courses, management courses and language courses to produce outstanding leaders and managers who will be able to perform well in the complex IT environment.

Corporate IT Training

As IT adoption in Myanmar is gaining momentum, it is very important for corporates and organizations to train their workforce to be able to use IT effectively and improve the efficiency and effectiveness. ACE Inspiration Ltd. (AI) is providing corporate IT training courses such as Office Ready Courses, Basic Programming Courses, Information Security and Data Privacy Management Courses and Project Management Courses to corporates and organizations. not only that, AI can custom develop required courses based on the customer’s requirements and run those courses continuously in the organization. Wild River Ltd. (Wild River) is building Online Learning Management Solutions and Education Collaboration Solutions for corporates and organizations so that their employees can take necessary courses online anytime anywhere while all their learning experience and records are tracked.

Cyber Security Training

ACE Inspiration Ltd. (AI) and Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Ltd. (MAE) are collaborating with global partners to provide various cyber security training from basic awareness to coaching and developing competitive cyber security specialists through classroom lessons as well as online learning management platforms.

Energy Engineering and Energy Management Training

To create a cleaner, greener, safer and healthier living environment using best engineering practices that incorporate the adoptions of the cost-effective strategies renewable energy and sustainable technologies, Sustainable Development Group (SDG) is providing energy engineering, energy management and green technology courses in Myanmar.

GAKKEN Learning Classrooms

GAKKEN-ACE Education Services Ltd. (GAE) is operating GAKKEN mathematics, language and science classrooms across various cities in Myanmar and providing extra curriculum educations. By adopting the over 100 years proven GAKKEN teaching methodologies and localizing those for Myanmar, GAE is actively contribution to the development of education system in Myanmar.

Rapidly growing mobile and internet penetration, improving convenience in payment and logistic is enabling various e-Commerce services to emerge. ACE group companies are also launching various e-Commerce services which can become part of the day to day life of people.


KoolPon allows users to search discount coupons from different stores and outlets and utilize those QR code digital discount coupons to enjoy those discounts when purchasing at those stores and outlets. An online marketplace is already added for discounted products and services from various merchants and outlets.

MyStore App MyStore App is a smartphone-based service for creating original store apps. It helps stores to turn new customers into regular customers through coupons and loyalty points and allow stores to reach out to customers real-time.

Xan Bookstore

Xan Bookstore, which used digital right management solutions to protect intellectual property and copy rights, was launched in 2014. Currently, Xan Bookstore is working together with various publishers to increase the offerings on the Xan Bookstore.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

ACE Data Consulting Services Ltd. (ADCS) is providing Digital Transformation Consulting Services. Based on the cutting-edge technology and innovation, combined with customer-centric solutions, ADCS helps organizations to have successful and smooth Digital Transformation Journey.

Digital Marketing Services

ACE Data Marketing Services (ADM) is providing Digital Marketing Services to organizations so that they can expand their reach to the targeted audience as well as enhance the effectiveness of the digital contents. Combined with Customer Relationship Management Solutions and Sales Force Automation Solutions, ADM can help organizations to understand and serve their customers better.

Accounting, Tax, Audit and Business Consulting Services

Synergy Plus Consulting Services (Synergy Plus) is providing comprehensive accounting, tax, audit and various Business Consulting Services to various organizations. Through automation and innovation, Synergy Plus makes compliance and governance as seamless as possible.

Investment Advisory and Consulting

ACE Investment Advisory (ACE.IA) is enriching innovation through incubation and funding. ACE.IA is also trying bring digital experience into investment and wealth management arena as well.