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One of many reasons of ACE's success is the close relationship between staff members. ACE is organized as a family and grouped under Saya U Thein Oo.
Young, dynamic and motivated computer professionals joined ACE and became well-experienced computer specialists. The average age of ACE's staff is just twenty over and their youthfulness makes them comfortable with new and advanced computer technologies.
Senior staffs hold post graduate degrees in Computer Science, Commerce and CPA. High qualifications of young individuals and experience push ACE to become a top performer in computer field. The computer specialists' humble attitude satisfies the ACE's customers.
Every staff member is provided with the opportunity to demonstrate talents through a system where everyone is motivated. Staff development plans are set up to help junior staff to get necessary practical expertise and high-end computer technologies.
ACE's staffs receive continuous evaluation for their achievements. From those evaluations and their feedback, ACE will put its staff at ACE standard, the most pleasant personality.
Our staff strength not only increased qualitatively but also increase in quantity drastically from just (9) person in 1992 to about (200) in 2009.

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