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   ACE Travel and Tour Information System
   (Web enabled system)
The success of Tour businesses are mostly depends on the tour planning and evaluating the business
continuously. ACE‘s Travel & Tour Information system is supporting to get smoothly the tour planning
but also supporting for management decision. ACE Travel & Tour Information System is web enable,
scalable and reliable Travel and Tour Information System at the E-Commerce age. It has the following
 Tour planning for offer
 Reservation for whole trip
 Trip cost calculation
 General Ledger
To get smart service and Quick answering to the tour for estimation
of whole trip cost such as hotel charges, transportation (boat, train,
bus) charges, Restaurant charges, Airfair, Guide Fees,  Entrance
Fees and other charges on perpax or whole group. Can view offer
list, no arrival list (after offer), return tour information list.

After getting confirmation from tour, users can make the reservation entry hotel,
restaurant, Guide, Transportation and air-ticket. The operator can view the reservation
status list such as pending, waiting and complete reservation. And make the reservation
cancellation to the other organization.
In this function, users can do Entering advance payment to guide before trip,
entering the trip cost after clearing from guide, clearing entry after getting money
from clients, clearing to outstanding charges on the services such as hotel,
restaurant, transportation etc. Moreover, user can view outstanding and cleaning
list on clients, outstanding and clearing list to the services such as hotel, restaurant
etc., and profit and loss listing on individual Tour and Tour Statistics.
   Accounts Payable
   General Ledger
   Human Renouncement Management
   Fixed Asset Register
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