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   ACE Manufacturing Information System
The flexibility of the system can easily be seen by line of business of
ACE manufacturing clients. The customers from GI Sheet processing to
furniture makers are successfully using ACE manufacturing information

The system was designed to fit for Batch Allocation of overhead costs
can be used blanket rate or cost center specific rate.

The system uses separate cost and financial ledger without additional
burden for input. The user can use cost ledger for internal management purpose and financial ledger for external
reporting purpose.
 Material requirement Planning
 Inventory Control
 Production Control
 Accounts Payable
 Sale Processing
 Accounts Receivable
 General Ledger
 Staff and Payroll
 Fixed Asset Register
Each module can be used independently or integrated with others to form a complete system. It is a
multi-user, multi-currency, multi-department application, which can produce separate and consolidate
financial statements for any specified period of time.
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