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   ACE Human Resource Management System
ACE Human Resource Management System is developed
according to local rules and regulations. Payroll subsystem
has local taxation; social security contribution,
bonus schemes and other allowance and deduction
procedures conform to governmental specifications.

It is arranged to be used by those who we have no
previous computer skills. It can be operated on
standalone PC or LAN system.
 Maintaining and Enhancing of up to date employee’s personal history.
 Time attendance with Finger Print or RFID Card.
 Registration and Reporting for Attendance and Leave Transaction data, staff
      recruitment, promotion, demotion, salary change, increment changing and
      department transfer transactions.
 Maintenance of monthly Overtime, Allowance and Deduction figures to process
 Provides functions such as Service Money Function, which is used in hotel and
      Piece Rate Function, which is used in industries.
 Provides auto-calculation of taxation and social security contribution with pre-
      defined rules for payroll as well as allowance, overtime, bonus, leave and other
      functions according to necessary.
 Monthly pay slips, pay bills and pay summary reports can be generated at any
      time interval.
 Other employment data such as travel abroad, training record, loan, service
      history, working experience (career history), medical record, award and
      disciplinary actions can be recorded.
 A variety of management reports (Staff Strength (Men Power) list, promotion
      staff, Transferable and Retirable staff list, Staff’s Service Year, Pay history, etc)
      will support closer control over staff appraisal and labor costs of your
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