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   ACE Banking Information System

ACE Banking information System is a secured, reliable, flexible, high performance and low operation cost system. It is a PC-base client/server n-tiers application based on Microsoft Development Environment and high-end database servers. ACE total banking solution covers requirements for customer services, transactions processing and management information for a modern Bank.

The Banking Solution has been successfully implemented in (10) national banks including government banks. ACE Banking Information System Solution can be divided into three modules:

   The Branch System is main part of ACE banking product
family. It provides the facilities to run a bank branch. The
system includes:
  Handling of various customer accounts
  Handling of various customer transactions including
      online transactions
 Plat-form management
 Transfer & Clearing
 Payment Order
 Letter of Guarantee
 Loans Management
 Hire Purchase & Housing Loans
 Auto payment
 Cash Management
 General Ledger
 Inter-branch Linking
 Handling of multicurrency transactions
 Providing of Operational and Management information
    in time
 Interfacing with the E-Banking Solution
 Interoperating with the legacy systems

The International Gold Dinar System, one of the E-Banking Systems,    
has been successfully implemented in Malaysia since 2002.
The word Dinar refers to the common currency
among Islamic countries.
Customer Balance Enquiry
Customer Linked A/C Enquiry
Passbook updating
On-line Bank Statement
Consolidation and Reconciliation of
Support for E-Banking Solution
E-Banking Suite is a solution for a bank
for e-business world. ACE E-Banking
solution helps a bank to provide customer
services electronically.
Home Banking
On-Line Card Authorization
Bill Payment
Personalized Account Management
Funds Transfer
Interest and Exchange Rates
Standing Order
Financial Calculators
Online Loans
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